beach yoga miamiIt’s a well-known fact that yoga is good for your body and soul. Many yoga studios in Miami Beach offer beach-side yoga, but how does this affect your health? Actually, research shows that being near the water has a lot of benefits – lower stress, increase in creativity, improved health, etc. Now add in yoga and you have a great way to get healthy!

Not only is being by the sea healthy by itself, practicing yoga increases your health. It also makes you work harder when practicing as the sand shifts under your feet. You will find yourself making small adjustments to hold each and every pose. More muscles in your body will be used and your concentration levels will be heightened.

Working with yoga on the beach not only helps builds muscle, but it also helps you work on your balance. Since the sand is uneven and is constantly moving beneath your feet, you will need to concentrate harder on keeping a balanced position. Once you get used to the feeling of sand beneath your feet, you will be a pro at keeping yourself balanced and in the right position.

Just being at the beach can help you clear your mind and your soul. Feeling the warmth of the sand between your toes, hearing the waves splashing around, smelling the ocean – you can’t help but remove yourself from the real world and relax. Yoga is meant to do this as well. When combined, you will come out the other side with a clear mind and heart.

Breathing is an important aspect of yoga. It helps your body to fuel the muscles so you can make every pose. It also helps release tension to feel an inner calm. When yoga’s practice of breathing is combined with the fresh air of the beach, your lungs will feel brand new.

Vitamin D does the body good. When people are deprived of vitamin D, they become unhealthy over time. When you are exposed to sunlight, your body produces vitamin D. Practicing yoga on the beach will help your body produce vitamin D to help you stay healthy longer!

At Nobe Yoga, we focus on you and your experience with us. We are passionate about enhancing your overall well-being, teaching you how to engage in practices that help you relax, breathe, and feel better. Whether you are a beginner or know everything there is to know about yoga, we welcome you into our studio, surrounded by others on the same journey as you.