1. Benefits of Yoga on the Beach

    Practicing yoga alone is very beneficial to your body. Add in the beach and you have a magical combination. Studies have shown that being near the ocean has many benefits - creativity levels soar, stress level drop, and our health improves. Taking yoga classes on the beach can help greatly improve y…Read More

  2. Yoga Spotlight: Kundalini Yoga

    Through movement, dynamic breathing, meditation, Kundalini Yoga is the perfect blend of spiritual and physical practice that provides an uplifting feeling to all students. By chanting mantras, learners can increase their consciousness as well as build physical energy through the study of Kundalini Y…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons to Take A Yoga Retreat

    Have you ever thought about going on a yoga retreat but decided against it? Maybe the cost had you questioning if it was really worth it or you thought being away from home would be too stressful. It's time to rethink that. A yoga retreat can be a great benefit to your mind and body. Here are three …Read More

  4. Yoga Spotlight: Gentle Yin Yoga

    Providing a safe and effective environment to all who practice, gentle yin yoga classes are usually easier and less intense than most classes offered today. These classes are great for beginners who are testing the yoga waters. Many people who practice yoga consider gentle yin yoga to be non-strenuo…Read More

  5. free yoga classes

    FREE Yoga Classes in the Park

    What's better than hanging out with friends and doing yoga in the park? Hanging out with friends and doing FREE yoga in the park! Nobe Yoga of Miami is proud to provide 3 free yoga classes at 3 different locations in the Miami area. Join us during the week to practice finding your true self. We will…Read More

  6. Yoga Classes Near You Today

    One of the most frequently asked questions beginner students ask themselves is: "are yoga classes worth it?" Expenses such as a gym membership or a latte can be both justified and not justified. The reasoning is that while you don't really need to pay for a gym membership, you still need to exercise…Read More

  7. Learning The Types of Yoga Poses [Infographic]

    Doing yoga has great benefits. Yoga practitioners have seen increased strength and flexibility as well has improved heart health. Many students have also said their sleeping patterns have gotten better and it's easier to relax. A lot of researchers are also noticing the benefits of yoga. Science and…Read More

  8. Feel Better with Yoga Miami Beach Residents

    Today is a great day to get control of your health by learning how to be a little physically healthier. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in right now, a low-impact exercise, like yoga, Miami Beach residents, is the perfect solution to helping you get in better shape. It doesn’t matter if you…Read More

  9. Get In Shape Now with Miami Beach Yoga

    Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today! This is an old saying that should be applied to your fitness goals. Don't wait until after the new year to set a goal to get in better shape. Waiting until after the holidays only prolongs your misery. You will feel better and look better when you st…Read More

  10. Get Fit for the Holidays with Miami Beach Yoga

    It is that time of year when you will be attending various holiday parties with your friends and coworkers. Putting on that new outfit you bought for the holiday season can be a little distressing when it doesn't fit quite like you want it too. This is the time you want to shine. Don't wait until th…Read More