We pride ourselves on having the best yoga studio in all of Miami Beach. However, if you want to learn more about our facility and everything we offer to those who take classes with us, check out the blogs below for more on our classes, meditation and more!

  1. Learning The Types of Yoga Poses [Infographic]

    Doing yoga has great benefits. Yoga practitioners have seen increased strength and flexibility as well has improved heart health. Many students have also said their sleeping patterns have gotten better and it's easier to relax. A lot of researchers are also noticing the benefits of yoga. Science and…Read More

  2. Feel Better with Yoga Miami Beach Residents

    Today is a great day to get control of your health by learning how to be a little physically healthier. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in right now, a low-impact exercise, like yoga, Miami Beach residents, is the perfect solution to helping you get in better shape. It doesn’t matter if you…Read More

  3. Miami Beach Yoga for Better Health

    Heading to the gym every morning or evening to get in a grueling workout is not always at the top of the list of fun things to do. For some people, the idea of running on a treadmill for an hour or bouncing around in an aerobics class is not exciting. However, it is important to get some exercise in…Read More

  4. Have A Yoga Retreat At Home

    We know that coming to your regularly scheduled yoga classes, but sometimes you need to switch things up. While we are so happy that our members come back day after day, we also know that you are likely practicing yoga at home as well. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to spur on our members to make y…Read More

  5. Yoga For Flexibility

    One of the main things we hear from people who are interested in beginning their yoga practice at Nobe Yoga is that they want to become more flexible. Many times, if you are working out in a traditional gym, you are likely building your strength, but you may not be improving your flexibility at all.…Read More

  6. Knowing The Importance Of Breath

    When people first begin to practice yoga, they often are so focused on the poses that they forget that there is more that goes into it than knowing what proper postures are and how to achieve them. One of the most important parts of practicing yoga is learning how to breathe properly. While you may …Read More

  7. Welcome To Yoga Workshop

    There is one thing that nearly every person on the planet can agree on and that is that change is scary. However, every single journey that is worth it in the long run begins with change, and of course fear. While you may not be afraid of yoga, there has to be some reason or another that you have no…Read More

  8. Simple Ways To Add Yoga To Your Busiest Days

    We know, you’re incredibly busy what seems like the majority of the time. However, there is no such thing as being too busy to take care of yourself. If you love yoga but you struggle to fit it into your busy daily schedule, don’t worry. We know precisely how you can accomplish all that you need…Read More

  9. How Yoga Can Improve Your Sleep Patterns

    Let’s face it, none of us are great at getting a restful night’s sleep every single night. In fact, many people find this to be one of the most difficult things they have to do all day long. This not only makes it difficult to get up and accomplish all that you need to the next day, but a lack o…Read More

  10. You’re Missing Out On The Benefits Of Yin Yoga

    If you have ever attended a yoga class before, you know that euphoric feeling that you experience after the class ends. As you roll up your yoga mat, put your shoes back on and slowly walk out of the studio, you are in somewhat of a trance. All in all, you’re floating on air. If you love the way t…Read More