You must have heard of acai berries which are called as a superfood by some health freaks. Although many individuals eat these berries because of their magical powers, I am the kind of person who never easily believes in some magical powers. So I thought I am going to try this by myself. Because you are not going to find magic in only one food. Right? Before eating anything you should read enough about that. I thought the magical effect most of the time comes from a diet that includes many different foods.

The acai berry was heralded for an array of health advantages, but I must admit its most powerful advantage is its taste. Acai is a delicious tropical fruit and once it comes functioned as a bowl it makes stirring up a great deal simpler.

When I first tried the Acai bowls, they looked like ice cream, almost taste just like ice cream, and of course, you feel good about your breakfast option. After eating a bowl, then you won’t merely feel happily full (for hours) and have satisfied a candy craving (no need to cave to get a donut), you will also have done something that was good for you.

At the same time I also noticed something, in cosmopolitan locations, acai bowls are available at most local juice or smoothie spots, but those who don’t reside near a Liquiteria need to struggle to find one or make an acai bowl at home. To be honest, making an acai bowl at home isn’t the fastest and easiest of breakfasts at the beginning. Also, it is not an inexpensive breakfast (since it comes all of the ways from Brazil). However, it’s totally worth the attempt. Try it and you won’t regret it.

When I tried to attempt I realized that here in the U.S., acai berries come not as whole fruit, but as a suspended puree. And it is available only in the freezer section of local health food stores. So finding acai puree is half of the battle, it is getting the right texture that is the real tricky part. You desire a consistency that is thick enough to be scoopable, but not so compact that it doesn’t combine all the way. Generally a mixture of acai puree with fruit like banana or berries and sometimes soy, almond or coconut milk used to thin it out. It gives a creamy texture just the way you want.

I tried my very first acai bowl near Miami beach, where it is also now a major part of the food culture preferred by consumers. When I came back into California, I understood that there’s no place that makes açaí bowls the way they’re meant to be, meaning with the same spirit. So I started making my own and submitting them on Instagram.

Now let us get to the interesting part. You will see some noticeable changes in your body after having acai bowls for a few times, well, at least I did when I tried my acai bowl. I will mention a few of them.

Firstly, my skin started glowing, my pimples were reduced and I felt rejuvenated. I researched about it and then got to know that it is rich in antioxidants. It also contains a plant chemical called anthocyanin. I read that anthocyanins give acai berries their deep purple color and act as antioxidants in the body. You could even locate anthocyanins in other blue, purple and black foods, such as black beans and blueberries.

In a Venezuelan study, acai berries were found to contain some other trace minerals, including chromium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. However, some of the acai’s strongest health benefits include plant chemicals.

Acai berries loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals throughout the body. If free radicals are not neutralized by antioxidants, they can damage cells and lead to a number of ailments, including diabetes, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

This antioxidant action comes from a number of plant compounds in acai like one I mentioned is anthocyanin. It is also proven in 2008 where researchers gave 12 fasting volunteers acai pulp, acai juice, applesauce or a beverage with no antioxidants in four different times and then tested their blood for antioxidants

Both the acai pulp and applesauce raised participants’ antioxidant levels, Meaning That the antioxidant chemicals in acai are well-absorbed from the gut. Additionally, it indicates that acai pulp is a better source of antioxidants than vitamin juice. And needless to say that it has shown a really positive effect on my body.

There are some other health benefits of acai such as age-related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. These diseases don’t have any cure, but research suggests that diets full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenolic compounds can lower the risk of those diseases. But again more research is required.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative and Health (NCCIH) notice that consuming acai berries may help lessen cholesterol and blood sugar levels in people with excess weight.