Doing yoga has great benefits. Yoga practitioners have seen increased strength and flexibility as well has improved heart health. Many students have also said their sleeping patterns have gotten better and it’s easier to relax.

A lot of researchers are also noticing the benefits of yoga. Science and medical professionals are now providing concrete evidence that yoga can improve health and mental well-being.

There are various types of yoga poses that can affect different parts of your body. By learning the different poses, you can help improve your body and lifestyle.

Yoga poses are broken down into different categories and then into the different poses. Below are some of the categories as well as a helpful infographic with various poses.


There are two different types of bends – forward and backward.

The forward bends stretch out your lower back as well as your hamstrings. These help release tension to your upper body. When practicing these position you will feel calmer and relaxed.

The backward bends help open up your chest and hips. These bends strengthen arms and shoulders. When practiced properly they will relieve muscle tension and help with spine flexibility.


These poses usually use the cross-legged seated position. When practicing these, flexibility in the hips and lower back is increased as well as the strengthening back muscles. Seated poses also help relax the mind and help practitioners feel calm and peaceful due to promoting deeper breaths.


Standing poses help promote proper alignment to feet and body. These positions will lead to an improved posture.

There are many more categories of yoga which can be discovered at Nobe Yoga. Our studio in Miami is open to students of all levels. We are even offering a yoga teacher training in February 2018. Click here to learn more.

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