Kundalini yoga is for everyone whatever your age or relationship with yoga. Classes revolve around moving the backbone & targeting key areas of the body to boost optimum flow of energy. Also, we breathe…a lot. And it feels sooo dang delicious to oxygenate the machine this way.

Our online yoga courses are super lovely as you’re able to practice from the comfort of your own home and at any time of the day. Additionally this is going to be an interactive class so you may ask questions, participate with other people (if you want), and give your opinions etc…

We often tell students you will never be the same once you practice Kundalini yoga. The practice of what we do is to awaken the power of consciousness. The practice brings to our awareness our self-limited beliefs and custom patterns which we inherited from the past. It invites us to process unwanted memories that are stored in our subconscious and to release them. It awakens our ability to become sensitive and intuitive, to understand a person or a situation even if no words are mentioned, and to understand the consequences of action before they occur.

Also simplified Kundalini Yoga is the practice to use the life-force to your purpose of meditation; combining the mind with the life-force takes one to the subtlest frequency, which enhances awareness and furthers intellectual sharpness and understanding.

By sincerely practicing meditation, the senses come under the control of our mind and we do our activities with continuous awareness of the cause and effect system. Kundalini is the life-force; the power of their body and mind.

It derives its name by awakening kundalini energy through routine practice of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Yoga or Meditation. Our classes will be focused on bringing energy to the spine and other important key parts of the body. We will also focus on breathing to living and awaken our pranic bodies.

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Kundalini Awakening

Have you tasted the bliss of inner awakening…but were not able to sustain it? You have the ability within you to trigger your heart chakra and generate a gold sheath around your body that protects you from harmful or negative energies in the world. And master an early breathing technique which lets you tap to the pranic energy field around you to bring more joy, vibrancy, and peace into your life.

The key is the Kundalini. It is a phrase enveloped in mystery, mythology, and misconceptions.

Kundalini is not only an energy; it is a map of your consciousness. When triggered in the ideal way, there are just a few things that could accelerate your spiritual awakening faster than tapping into this divine force within you, that explains the reason why Tantric teachers have worshipped Kundalini since the Goddess incarnate within us.

This energy is said to enter us at birth and stay latent until ignited. Once awakened, the vital energy of Kundalini starts flowing up your spine like lava from an oozing volcano, flood your entire body, mind, and soul with the divine love-energy of the world, immersing you in bliss and enabling you to access a more boundless area of love.

The Kundalini energy is often portrayed as a serpent, coiled three-and-a-half times around, resting at the base of the backbone, together with the serpent representing the journey of the mind from subject to cosmos, from individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

Kundalini can be awakened in many ways — as a present from a professional to a disciple who’s ready to receive it, or during ecstatic dancing, devotional chanting, the use of sacred mantras, rhythmic breathing and movement, or a variety of different strategies and practices.

Fully awaken the power vortex of Kundalini, and through the entrance of the spinal cord it’s possible to get into the ever-new, ever-existing, superconscious bliss condition.

Discussed below are some of the important benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

1. Nervous System

So when you’re in a down dog or plank pose for three whole minutes and your whole body is shaking, have no fear! Your nervous system is toning. And the more powerful your nerves are, the more you will have the ability to act in a cool, calm and collected thing on the surface of any situation, be it a car crash, big presentation or family drama.

2. Willpower

Kundalini yoga awakens your inner willpower directly at the crux of your solar plexus (Third Chakra) at the navel point. What that means is that you build a strong heat in this area, which assists in digesting not just food but also beyond memories and self-doubt. We become much more able to process and digest events that happen and take necessary actions immediately to eradicate matters, people or situations which are causing us more damage than good.

3. Brain Power

When the mind becomes clouded with various thoughts, it seems a little like a cobweb of ideas have shaped and are difficult to untangle and with a couple minutes of rapid breath of fire or 1 minute breath, the brain becomes crystal clear, we believe much more alert, focused, concentrated, and with a greater memory and the capability to generate sound decisions.

4. Creativity

Breathing alternately through the nostrils brings into balance left and right hemispheres of their brain. We usually behave, analyze and do much more frequently than we feel, visualize and imagine. And that is because the right side of the mind is usually understimulated. Kundalini yoga awakens our hidden creativity by releasing worries about the small things and opening us up to infinite possibilities that life has to offer.

5. All Embracing

Poses like the Tree Pose supply us with safety in the main chakra therefore we feel like powerful steady trees planted firmly into the earth, and if our needs aren’t fulfilled we do not feel as though it’s the end of the planet. We remain open and expecting the higher power (God) will provide us with what we need when the timing is right. Therefore the world doesn’t collapse once we do not get that job, fail that test or suffer with a breakup or family death. Whatever it is, we gain an attitude of approval. Understanding that it is all-OK. It is all good. We are open to whatever life has to offer you.