If you are struggling to get some time for your Yoga classes and may be due to some reason you are not able to physically attend them then do not worry, here is your best alternative – Online Yoga classes! You can find many online yoga classes but still can be confusing as there are a lot of options available out there. Amongst them, I will personally suggest you should start with online Yin Yoga classes. Let us understand briefly what Yin Yoga is? Some of the common benefits and who all can start with this form of Yoga?

Yin – the conflicting energy of yang is a slow-moving, well-balanced practice where practitioners hold each position for about 3-5 minutes (and sometimes as long as 20 minutes). Intended to emphasize the flexibility and elasticity of connective tissues like fascia, yin yoga is a complementary practice to the muscles.
Practiced consistently, yin yoga may reduce the joint pain and increase mobility of the muscles.. While yin yoga traditionally doesn’t include props, a few yin practices may include props like blocks, blankets, bolsters, or straps. With practices out of 15 minutes all the way around 90 minutes, find a practice that suits your needs for the day. Yin yoga tends to be physically less demanding or less hectic than some different types of yoga, but internally more demanding because we sit with our sensations and inner dialogue.

Yin yoga works on your ligaments, bones, tendons and our heavy fascia networks within the body. It enhances the flow of energy or chi through the body. In Yin yoga poses are held for more than in other styles of yoga.

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Practice them in any order you feel attracted to. A Yin Yoga class a couple of times a week makes a fantastic balance to get a more active (yang) yoga practice.

Common Benefits Of Yin Yoga
Some yoga styles offer a more physically challenging practice while others offer you a space to relax and breathe. We want both to stay whole. However, many yogis bypass the latter and then pick a more vigorous practice, missing a deeper experience on the mat.

Yin is the calming, restorative counterpart to the ‘yang’ of a powerful Vinyasa practice. We are living in a culture that is constantly on the go, requiring a great deal of movement, activity, stimulation, and duties. So it might be surprising when a yoga class asks us to be still; it can be more challenging than a fast-paced Vinyasa class. Yin Yoga is famous as it provides the opportunity to be still, be present, and operate inside as you breathe and stretch deeply and make more space in body and mind.

● The yin practice can help the body restore range of movement.
● Yin yoga revitalizes the tissues of the body.
● Yin provides a unique chance to cultivate gratitude for your system.
● The very long hold times of a yin clinic offer the chance to sit together with our emotions.
● Yin yoga might help us tap into the parasympathetic nervous system.
● The stillness of a yin practice primes us for meditation.
● Yin yoga cultivates equilibrium.

What Can You Experience Throughout a Yin Yoga Practice?
During a Yin Yoga course, it’s normal to experience various emotions such as stress, fear, joy, sadness, or anxiety. As people, we are emotional beings, and a lot of the emotion from our experiences is saved in the body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine , those stored-up emotions can manifest as blockages or pain like knots in our shoulders, tight hips, sore throats, or internal pains. It is very important to release the stored anger, despair, anxiety, and fear to keep the entire body pain-free, healthy, and balanced.

Yin Yoga encourages you to become conscious of those saved emotions so you may begin to recognize them and release them. You can anticipate slow, deep stretches and meditation at a Yin Yoga class that balances and strengthens the entire body, mind, and soul.

Interested in Attempting Yin Yoga?
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