“An ocean breeze puts a mind at peace”. This is one of my favorite quotes. Whenever I visit a beach there is a feeling of gratitude, mindfulness, and satisfaction. There is something in that breeze that brings your inner peace close to your subconscious and reduces all your stress.

I always feel that humans are so connected with nature including their anger, love, laugh, and strength. When you think about the moods and different phases of the ocean, and how they are affected, too, by the phases of the moon, there is so much change that goes on with the earth’s surface each day, just like it does within ourselves. But ultimately the ocean can calm itself. It can transform from an angry, raging storm of water to the most tranquil, quiet motionless surface which is barely moving.

Similarly, we can also alter our emotions and inner voices, through breathing and by using meditation as a source of healing. In this article, we will discuss a mini-meditation and a perfect guide to make your beach experience memorable. Let us start by finding you a perfect place. So whenever you plan beach meditation, make sure you do the practice at the time of sunrise or sunset.

Each time you visit the beach, find a place for yourself preferably less crowded and without noise. Stand near the edge of the water, facing the water’s edge. Stand with your feet slightly apart in a comfortable, relaxed stance. And now do these 3 practices:

1. Breathing
Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for just a moment and then exhale deeply through your mouth or nose. Relax your jaw. Relax your shoulders. Continue breathing deeply. Feel the wind, hear the sounds of the waterfront–the waves, any sea birds. Close your eyes. Take a minute to concentrate on any negative thoughts that come across your mind. Before you begin beachcombing, you’re likely to make an effort to release them into the earth. Just take a deep breath, inhaling the fresh, salty air, and on the exhale, release negative thoughts and energy, down throughout your body, in your feet and through the sand into the earth. Do it again, inhaling the healing power of the sea and the wind, exhaling down negativity throughout your body to the sand.
Open your eyes. Take in the vision of this horizon, the colors of the skies and the water and embrace the time you’ve been awarded to be here in this moment, in this waterfront. Silently thank the sea for almost any gifts it might offer you at that moment. Feel the warmth of the sun as it bathes you in light. Let the mild wash through you, and feel the soft golden glow fill you with relaxation and warm, calm, healing thoughts.

2. Sand Play
Playing with sand isn’t only for kids. For sand play meditation, go to the shore and settle in wherever you feel comfortable. Gather up dry or wet sand in your hands, and look at the grains closely. Begin to consider just how long that sand has been around Earth, what it has gone through, and how amazing it is.
Concentrate on how adaptable it is, and the way it provides for you and others. Feel it in your palms, then make the connection between this natural substance and your very own beautiful conscious mind. You are from the earth, capable of adapting under stress, useful to somebody else, and certainly amazing. Sit and enjoy the sand for as long as you need to, to develop a place of calm and appreciation.

3. Be Receptive
Now change softly to receptivity for the next few minutes. Slowly release the sand from your palms. Keep your body erect and relaxed. Now let the mind relax since you have been disciplining it for such a long time. Do not exert any conscious effort to think about anything.
Just put your mind free. You’ve opened the various consciousness centers of your being. Remain relaxed and lively, yet awake. Ideas and mental images may cross your consciousness. Remember that all the negative thoughts are gone and filtered through the salty air. All the fresh air that you will be inhaling consists only of positive energy.
Beach meditation exercises aim to link ourselves and nature, and also to come to a better understanding of our role in it.
Relaxation and meditation are only two components in achieving a healthy body and mind. These meditation exercises for the beach are only a couple of options you can choose to harness that calmness and healing power of nature.