We know, you’re incredibly busy what seems like the majority of the time. However, there is no such thing as being too busy to take care of yourself. If you love yoga but you struggle to fit it into your busy daily schedule, don’t worry. We know precisely how you can accomplish all that you need to while also making time for your yoga practice. Check out the many ways you can quickly and easily fit yoga into your daily schedule below.


Beginning your day with yoga is not only a great way to to wake yourself up but you will also likely find that you are in a better mood all together the rest of the day. Try the techniques below for the best types of yoga to practice when you first get out of bed.

Lion’s Breath In The Morning

An energizing pranayama technique like Lion’s Breath is fairly easy and extremely relaxing. All that this requires of you is that you stand with your feet just a bit wider than hip width as you begin to take deep breaths and raise your arms. When you exhale, stick out your tongue and blow out of your mouth. While doing this, bend forward from your hips until your head is in between your legs. Complete this process a few times for best results.

Sun Salutations

While you might not have enough time to do a full sun salutation when you wake up in the morning, but you may be able to do half of one. A half sun salutation is used to wake up your body and it’s great because it doesn’t require that you have a ton of space or a yoga mat. When you attend a yoga classes, these movements will likely be some of the first that you learn. For now, however, you can learn more about how to complete this process here.


If you take a train to work each day, there is a good amount of time that you are gifted in the morning before work in which you can fit in your yoga practice.


As the foundation of many yoga poses, Tadasana simply requires you to lower your belly in and up, while keeping a slight arch in your lower back. You will then soften your ribs and imagine that someone is putting their thumbs under your armpits and lifting them up and back. In layman’s terms, you are practicing good posture.


The train is also a great place for you to practice your balance on a daily basis. Try doing one leg balance poses when you have to stand on your commute. Not only will this work your core as well as the muscles in your feet, lower legs and ankles, but you also won’t get weird looks standing in that position as it is a relatively common way to stand.


It’s not a good idea to stay seated at work all day long. So why not break up the day by practicing a bit of yoga here and there?

Spinal Decompression

Try doing a rag doll bend forward every once in awhile. Make sure to keep your feet apart and your knees slightly bent as you inhale lengthening your spine and exhale to release a bit more. Hold onto your elbows and go slowly for the very best results.

Working Your Shoulders

Have access to a doorway at your office? Stand in front of it and bring your arms out to the side while bending your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Placing your forearms on the door frame, slowly begin walking forward until you feel a stretch across the front of your body. This will open up the fronts of your shoulders after a bit of repetition.


Your best bet for getting in your yoga practice before bed is to do a bit of yin yoga.

Yin Before Sleep

This type of yoga is mostly used to foster relaxation in the body. This is why doing a few poses in the yin style can aid you in getting the best rest you have had in quite a while.

Looking for a yoga studio?

If you have an hour or more during your week in which you would like to attend an actual yoga studio, look no further than Nobe Yoga. As North Miami Beach’s preferred yoga studio, you can truly make any style of yoga a part of your daily routine.

Add Yoga To Your Daily Routine