It hasn’t been long since meditation gained much popularity in the United States. In fact, if you are an adult, there is a chance that you have never even tried meditating. The good news is that it’s never too late to try it! This is why we are offering a special event at Nobe Yoga in Miami Beach. If you are interested in learning the basics of meditation, our Welcome To Meditation course is perfect for you. You can uncover the meaning of true relaxation and serenity, and this is your perfect opportunity. Let’s talk a bit more about what this class will teach you about meditation.

Intro to meditation practices

If you don’t know much about meditation, it may be hard for you to grasp the concept at first. Essentially, meditation is the act of slowing down and emptying your mind of thoughts. Meditation is not what many people think that it is. Misconceptions about meditation is that it is concentrating, losing control, using mental effort or that it is an exercise of some sort. None of these ideas are accurate. Meditation is a relaxation technique that allows for you to become much more grounded and clear-minded even when you are not practicing it at the moment.

Relieve stress and anxiety

There have been plenty of scientific studies that have shown how meditation works to help decrease stress and anxiety. Specifically, meditation works to lower the amount of epinephrine in your body. This stress-causing hormone is not nearly as prominent in those who meditate regularly as it is in those who do not. Additionally, by reducing stress, you will also be helping to support your immune system, aiding it in you being healthier over time.

Develop a more calm and clear mind

Meditation is especially beneficial to those who can’t quite seem to stay calm. If you are someone who is constantly worrying about anything and everything, meditation will allow for you figure out a way to quiet your mind even when you are not in a meditative state.

Improve your sleep

Meditating increases the alpha waves in your brain. While you may not know it right now, these type of brain waves are associated with quiet and receptive states. This means that you not only will be much calmer throughout the day, but you will also find that it is much easier for you to sleep at night. Meditation will lead to you sleeping deeper and better the longer you participate in the practice.

Expand your awareness

When we quiet our minds during the process of meditation, we are opening up our minds to things we may have otherwise not known. Many people compare the clear-mindedness with the same feeling a person gets when they are exercising. When you take some time to clear your head of relentless chatter, you are more open to be aware of the truth you are seeking to find.

Lower blood pressure

As mentioned above, meditating can absolutely cause you to experience less stress which in turn is great for all, but especially those with high blood pressure. By lowering the cholesterol in your blood, your arteries can remain clearer, rendering you healthier and likely to lead a much longer life.

Enroll in our meditation workshop

If you are interested in enrolling in our meditation workshop, it’s time to do so right now. You can learn exactly what to expect in this workshop and more on our events page. The event costs $30 in advance and $35 if purchased on the day of the event. Signing up is easy and will take only a minute or so. You can enroll here right now and begin your journey as someone who practices meditation and continues practicing it on a regular basis.