yoga for beginners

Yoga is a group of physical, spiritual and mental practices. The traditional form of yoga which originated in India is based on a meditative practice which has a spiritual core, while modern yoga includes more asanas and is a physical form of exercise. Yoga can increase flexibility, reduce stress and relax the body. It not only helps strengthen your body physically, but also helps you attain a sense of composure and acceptance. The movement will take you to a different level of consciousness and understanding, where you will gain perspective and peace. Yoga postures target muscles and connective tissues while helping clear the adhesions formed in the body due to daily activities. Patanjali, author of the classic yoga text, the Yoga Sutra, defined yoga as the quieting of the fluctuations of the mind.

For a beginner, yoga can seem quite boring and the postures can look challenging, but the best way to know if yoga is for you is to give it a try. During the initial stage, it may be difficult to hold a posture, maintain balance and concentrate. It gets easier with persistent and regular practice. During the first few classes, you might get confused about the postures, the names of the movement, the alignments and get discouraged by lack of flexibility. Do what you can, as you might feel some discomfort, but if it hurts do not push yourself to continue. Everybody is unique and has different levels of strength and flexibility, take your time to get used to the process. You can stick to the easier poses in the beginning in order to build up your body and move onto more complex poses.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for your first class that will allow you to be more comfortable and have an enjoyable experience:

  • Yoga requires a lot of stretching and moving. Wear something comfortable that will allow you to move freely.

  • Yoga can be done without equipment, but a yoga mat is a must. It provides support and padding for the knees and elbows. For some complex postures you may need the assistance of additional props like straps, bolsters, blocks or indoor chairs. Most of the studios at Miami beach provide these props during the sessions. You can do basic yoga without props.

  • Do not push your limits and listen to your body. Take time to get familiar with the postures. Be patient, yoga takes time to master.

  • If a particular posture is difficult because of an injury or physical limitations, ask your instructor to provide you an easier alternative.

If you feel hesitant to join a studio, you can learn a few basic yoga postures or take an online course. This will give you an option to learn about basic yoga sequences from foundation yoga tutorials. Yoga studios in Miami offer programs specially made for beginners. The programs include gentle yoga poses that are easy to do. If you are uncertain about your flexibility, you can opt for those programs. With practice you can move to more active forms of yoga. You can also blend in different forms of yoga to find a routine that is best suited for you.