One of the main things we hear from people who are interested in beginning their yoga practice at Nobe Yoga is that they want to become more flexible. Many times, if you are working out in a traditional gym, you are likely building your strength, but you may not be improving your flexibility at all. In fact, many people find that they actually begin to limit their flexibility the more they work out by lifting weights and such. Regular yoga practice is meant to not only improve your stability and strength (also known as Sthira) but it also focuses heavily on being able to increase your flexibility (Sukha) as well. Not only will your actual physical flexibility improve but you will also find that your mental state and your attitude will likely become more flexible as well.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons yoga is such a great practice for those who are hoping to become more flexible in every aspect of their life.

Reciprocal Inhibition

You may not be aware, but muscles work in pairs. If one muscle in a set begins to contract, the nervous system then tells the opposing muscles that they need to release. Often if you are holding tension in a certain muscle set and you attempt to stretch it anyway, you may find that you end up injuring yourself for lack of flexibility. When you are practicing yoga, it’s imperative that you consider whether or not you think you are able to do so without injury. Whether it is because of physical or mental resistance, you may need to slowly ease into a position and over time you will find that you are able to get into poses that you may not have been able to in the past. This will be the proof you are looking for that your flexibility is increasing. However, let’s talk about the steps you are going to have to take if you want to be able to get the benefits from yoga that you are seeking.

Be Patient

When you first begin practicing yoga regularly, chances are you are going to get frustrated from time to time. You will probably expect that the results you are seeking will show themselves much more quickly than actually occurs. This is okay. Remember that each time you practice yoga, you are getting your body more familiar with the poses and with being able to move in a way that it has likely never had to do before. Accept where you are each day. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself. Additionally, praise yourself for taking the time to treat your body to your yoga practice, even on the days that are much more difficult than usual.

Make Sure You Are Connecting With Your Breath

When you are a beginner in yoga, you will find that there is a lot of talk about your breath. Being able to focus on your breath while you are practicing will help you to achieve your goals much more quickly than you would be able to otherwise. When you inhale, your body strengthens and supports you and when you exhale, your body will surrender and release. If you want to go deeper into a pose or posture, keep this in mind. Exhaling should always occur when you are trying to open your body and relax into a deeper posture.

Be Consistent

If you are not consistent with your practice, you are not going to achieve much of anything when it comes to yoga. Practicing daily is recommended but often difficult for many people. Simply find a schedule that works for you and make sure you stick to it. The more you practice, the more willing your body will be to cooperate with you and grow from the practice.

Begin Improving Your Flexibility At Yoga Today

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