People try anything and everything to lose weight. Especially when they have attempted and failed to shed the pounds so many times before, it’s often super discouraging to begin a new weight loss journey. First and foremost, we want to reiterate that the point of practicing yoga is not to lose weight. On the other hand, many people do find that they begin to drop the pounds and gain muscle when they have been practicing yoga for a while. Additionally, the majority of people who practice yoga also uncover that their bodies become more flexible as well as toned, increasing their overall confidence and awareness. Let’s take a closer look at how practicing yoga can lead to weight loss and just an overall better self image.

What do you know about your Energy intake-expenditure balance?

There are plenty of different types of research that show a myriad of reasons as to why some people gain and hold onto weight more easily than others. While things like genetics, diet, amount of physical activity, money and life events all do play a role in why certain people are heavier than others, these are not the only culprits to blame. The most common reason people are unable to lose weight is that there is an imbalance in their energy intake-expenditure. Plain and simple, this means that they are consuming far more calories than they need to be. This can be chalked up to how easily meals that are bad for us can be obtained. When a person begins to practice yoga, their self awareness is increased. This often leads to them eating far fewer empty calories as they understand that they don’t need to excess.

Need a bit of help?

If you are brand new to yoga and you do have the desire to lose some weight, the best way to begin your self awareness journey is to keep a food diary for the first few weeks. Monitoring what you eat makes it much easier to make healthier choices. It’s important that you aren’t just writing down what you’re eating but also how you feel both before and after you eat. This will give you a better idea of what your triggers are for senseless eating. You may find that you reach for a bag of chips every time something at work is stressing you out. Conversely, you could find that you eat when you are extremely happy. Every single person is different, which is why it is beyond important to uncover what your unhealthy eating habits are.

Which types of yoga should you practice for weight loss?

There are many different styles of yoga, all of which use different kinds of poses, rendering different results. While nearly any kind of yoga is an excellent way to keep your body limber and toned, there are specific styles that will give you the results you want when it comes to getting rid of a few pounds. We would suggest that you try any type of yoga that focuses on holding strong standing poses or core poses between flows. These are styles of yoga like Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga, which are known to increase metabolism and build muscle.

Interested in trying yoga?

If you want to give yoga a try and become more in tune with yourself in every sense, it’s time for you to stop by Nobe Yoga in North Miami Beach. We will help you to determine which kind of yoga is the best for you according to what you hope to accomplish. Our talented staff is passionate about helping people just like begin their yoga journey.

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