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Enroll in our scientific and comprehensive Vinyasa Krama Yoga School that inspired many students all over the world. Learn the science behind creating sequences following safe and intelligent sequencing parameters.

200 Hour Yoga Certification

Nobe Yoga offers a comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training certification to all levels of yoga practitioners including yoga teachers and aspiring teachers. Rae Indigo, the CEO and founder of United Yoga, inspires students and will share her lineage of Therapeutic Yoga and Healing with Yoga in all her programs.

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Or just looking for personal growth and development?
Immerse yourself deeper in the study of yoga!
Schedule: 6 week weekend modules *
Jan 30th – March 8th 2020
** Thur & Fri from 6 – 9 pm
** Sat & Sun from 2 – 9 pm


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* You may take each module separately and each weekend completed counts for 30 hours CEU (Continuing Education Credits).
** Practitioners of all levels

Yoga Certification Schedule

Use the below links to get more information about our upcoming yoga teacher training schedule including dates, training modules and pricing.

Jan 30th-Feb 2nd
Architecture of Asana
Feb 6th-9th
Free Your Flow State
Feb 13th-16th
Understanding Energy Behind Form
Feb 20th-23rd
Voltage in Practice
Feb 27th-Mar 1st
Internal Engineering
Mar 5th-8th
Professional Level Communication

Yoga Pose Module
Architecture of Asana

January 30th-February 2nd

yoga pose moduleIn this weekend module, we will study how to build yoga poses with respect to therapeutic alignment, flow of energy, the 8 directions of mobility, and the goal of yoga. These instructions are rooted in an ancient scientific system. This system creates lightness and awareness to the entire physical form, and beyond. It is an experiential approach to alignment which originates in the subtle energy body. This gives the student an ability to break down all asanas into the basic components and resynthesize the forms needed for a given situation.

How to Build Yoga Poses:

  • Arranging shapes in space
  • Energy lines
  • Architecture of form
  • Directions of mobility
  • Ankles/Knees/Hips
  • Wrists/Elbows/Shoulders
  • Lumbar/Cervical/Thoracic spine
  • Feedback loops

Yoga Sequencing Module
Free Your Flow State

February 6th-9th

yoga sequencingHow free would you feel as a yoga teacher understanding the science behind creating yoga sequences?

In this course you will learn to design sequences for many different kinds of practice; static, active, yin, restorative, hip opening, strengthening, inversions and more. You will understand the core elements of all yoga styles. You will learn to create practices for practitioners with limited strength of flexibility, so you can guide them towards a successful, ease filled and stable yoga experience.

How to Build Yoga Sequences:

There is so much vast potential for ingenuity, and other doors we can open in the physical, energetic and mental systems when we step out of the box. Design like a Master Yogi.

  • Endurance and strength
  • Dynamic and static
  • Sukha and sthira
  • Ha and Tha
  • Yoga hieroglyphs
  • Class structure and training schemes
  • Themed classes

Introduction to Energetic Anatomy in Yoga Sequences Module
Understanding Energy Behind Form

February 13th-16th

energetic anatomy in yoga sequencingWhen exploring the inner dimensions of Yoga, we need to have an awareness of the infrastructure we are working with. Just like conventional medicine has it’s anatomy so the science of Yoga has its own subtle, anatomical networking. It’s from this space of energetic understanding we can see how to maximize efficiency within our physical and subtle bodies so that the goal and means of Yoga are established. In this module we will do an introduction to energetic anatomy, and learn how it applies to yoga sequencing.

How to Create Energetic Flow in Yoga Practice:

  • Information centers – Chakras
  • Energetic pathways – Nadis
  • Harnessing wind and pressure – Vayus
  • Magnetizing internal lighting – Kundalini
  • Internal gateways – Bandhas
  • Floating lotus – Mudras

Kundalini and Fluid Energy in Yoga Sequences
Voltage in Practice

February 20th-23rd

kundalini and fluid energy in yoga sequencingEverything is energy or information vibrating at various frequencies. It is what differentiates a rock from a human being. There are high-frequencies and low frequencies that are hierarchical in nature and inter-dependent. Human beings are layers upon layers of different grades of
consciousness from the subtle to the gross. The yogi attunes himself to the higher-frequencies through exploration of an interior journey refining his awareness of self-identification. By turning attention inwards, with one-pointed focus, the yogi consciously tunes and controls all the cooperative powers and modes to become a divine instrument for the full flow of life-force to channel through.

How to Liberate Prana in Yoga Sequences:

  • The power flows through spine – Kundalini
  • Kriyas in Asana
  • Foundational breathwork
  • Generating vital force in yoga sequences
  • Energy retention in practice
  • Taking yoga off the mat
  • Feminine/Masculine training sequences

Meditation and Mind Science
Internal Engineering

February 27th-March 1st

meditation and mind scienceWhat is awareness of our own intellect?

Learning how to swiftly access higher wisdom, recognizing and integrating the sense channels and clearing the way to act intuitively are all parts of the full yogic system, once we step beyond the physical form.

You will learn using diagrams and clear explanations of the different levels of self how to bring these subtle levels, like the intelligence of our own higher wisdom and guiding intuition into our daily lives.

How to Develop Meditative Practices:

  • Explanation of meditative states
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Anatomy of mind
  • Inner auditing
  • Levels of self
  • Meditation sequences
  • Adding meditation to physical practices
  • Self-study

Teaching Methodology and Public Speaking
Professional Level Communication

March 5th-8th

teaching methodology and public speakingLearn how to stand up and share your truth.

Inspiring body language, vocal control, and facial expressions are just a few of subjects explored. Students will work on teaching and leading in a safe and comfortable environment. This is an optimal course for those who want to get past the barrier of nervousness, and realize their potential to share what has meaning, confidently.

How to Teach Like a Pro:

  • Being confident
  • Rhythm of a class
  • Voice projection
  • Feeling comfortable on stage
  • Body language
  • Teaching practice
  • How to keep your classes attention
  • Psychic emotional states

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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$2900 *

* must commit before May 30th

Full Tuition
Individual 30 Hour Modules
$650 each *

* includes CEU

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