If you have ever attended a yoga class before, you know that euphoric feeling that you experience after the class ends. As you roll up your yoga mat, put your shoes back on and slowly walk out of the studio, you are in somewhat of a trance. All in all, you’re floating on air. If you love the way this feels, it may be time for you to take things a step further and try yin yoga. Never taken a yin yoga class? Continue reading below to learn more about this very popular style.

What is Yin Yoga?

The Taoist concept of yin and yang explains that there are both opposite and complementary principles in all aspects of nature. The yin is reliable, unmoving and stable while the yang is ever-changing and revealing. When it comes to the body, the connective tissues that tend to be stiffer, such as the ligaments, tendons and fascia, are thought to be the yin. This is because they tend to be much more difficult when it comes to movement. On the other hand, the muscles that are more easily moved or the parts of the body that are just more mobile in general, are the yang.

When you take a Yin Yoga class, you are normally going to do a number of longheld, passive poses on the floor that work the lower part of your body. This means the workout focuses mostly on the pelvis, hips, inner thighs and lower spine. The focus is on these areas because they are very rich in connective tissues and the long-held poses work to make these parts of your body both stronger and more flexible.

Who can benefit from Yin Yoga?

There are very few people who cannot benefit from taking a Yin Yoga class. However, specifically this style of yoga can be extremely beneficial to those who feel as though they are always tired and overstimulated. For those who also find that their mind is constantly racing, this type of yoga can also do a world of good. This type of yoga not only works to positively affect the connective tissues in your body, but it also helps to calm your mind. Feeling as though you are not constantly being bombarded with your own thoughts in your daily life, will surely make every single day much easier for you to get through. You can also become much more in tune with your emotions when you are in a Yin Yoga class, as your instructor will encourage you to allow those feelings to exist, but not to identify with them so that they consume you.

Take a Yin Yoga Class Today

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