yoga on the beachPracticing yoga alone is very beneficial to your body. Add in the beach and you have a magical combination. Studies have shown that being near the ocean has many benefits – creativity levels soar, stress level drop, and our health improves. Taking yoga classes on the beach can help greatly improve your body and your soul.

When you are close to the water, a calm and peaceful unity can be felt. Our bodies are able to relax and let our creativity soar. With yoga, our brains can be relaxed but very focused. A mindful state that reduces stress levels is achieved if practiced correctly. This is also known to help with anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.

Being outdoors alone increases your physical activity. In 2012 a study was taken and show that when people exercise outdoors, they are more likely to have a higher physical activity than those you exercise inside. Fresh air also does a body good. Being near the ocean means there are higher levels of iodine and ozone, so practicing yoga by this sea means you can breathe easy.

There’s also a great benefit to being out in the sun – you get a natural dose of vitamin D. The more and more we sit at home or sit in the office, the greater our chances of developing a vitamin D deficiency. Taking a break to practice yoga by the beach is a great way to get your vitamin D levels back up.

The Environmental Science and Technology Journal published a study that stated that exercising outside in a natural environment helps to reduce stress – especially if you’re near the water. Anger levels and depression have also seen a decrease. With water present, we are presented with a meditative state which leaves us calm and focused to help find that inner peace and happiness.

Practicing yoga on the beach is an amazing experience. To witness the beauty of nature around you and find your inner peace is a great feeling. Nobe Yoga is proud to now offer Sun Rise Yoga on the Beach with Ana Maria Toaca. Every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning September 4th, join us for a mind-clearing experience like no other.